While attending a conference in Florida, I learned that Wayne was staying with family close by. His back was in pain, so I arranged to do a multihands session with him before I flew home. I was with two of my cherished friends and colleagues, Kathy and Robyn. We’ve worked together frequently with other clients, and it was a treat to do so again.

As with every multihands session, we carried out an evaluation of Wayne’s CSR and decided where each of us was going to work. Robyn was at Wayne’s left foot, Kathy was at his sacrum, and I was on the right side of his respiratory diaphragm. Once we had all settled into the session, we checked whether the three of us could connect with each other energetically, and noted a line of tension that connected the three of us from his left toes up through the sacrum and over to the right side of his diaphragm.

Wayne became more aware of discomfort in his left thigh, and I asked him if it was related to a tennis injury we’d been working with before. He said no, but he could now clearly remember another accident he had on a tennis court, when he ran full force into the post for changing the height of the net. He hit his left thigh so hard that he felt he might lose function in his leg altogether if he didn’t keep moving. He walked around and around the court for over an hour before he felt he could leave, and there was a massive amount of swelling and bruising afterward. We could still see a slight indentation in the muscle of his left thigh, even though the accident happened more than 30 years ago.

As we worked his thoughts kept returning to that time, which confirmed that his body was working on the impact of that event. He then connected the feeling of walking around that tennis court with a personal frustration he was currently experiencing (it’s very common to have an old injury surface in a session that highlights a current life issue).

Robyn followed the unwinding of tissue in Wayne’s left leg as his respiratory diaphragm and sacrum softened under my hands and Kathy’s. The discomfort in his left thigh started to ease. By the end of the session he felt the pain in his left thigh and the chronic tension in low back had lessened significantly. As always, he also felt deep relaxation and an increased sense of well-being.

If I’d been the only therapist in the room that day, I would not have been able to provide all the support Wayne needed for such a complete release of that long-standing pattern. Alone, I might’ve made some progress toward it; but with three therapists, all was released in the space of an hour.

"Kate is probably the most accomplished Craniosacral therapist that I have ever come across."

- Wayne Dyer

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