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Collaborative Navigation of Your Health Wellness

I am delighted that you have arrived here on my website! Please take your time in exploring the ideas and information that I’ve created over the years to support us all on our healing journey.


You have your own inner guidance and navigation system that helps you find your own unique solutions to the health issue you face. Empowering you to discover your own pathway to addressing pain and discomfort in your physical body is my expertise and passion.

It all began in 1986 when I embarked on my Physiotherapy training in Edinburgh, Scotland. This led me on a never-ending inquiry of how your amazing body can access the help and support it needs to get the results you want. 

I have been fortuitous in having many amazing mentors guiding me along the way. These mentors have supported me in my quest to understand how the body works, how trauma affects the body, how to skillfully and expertly use touch, how to hold a deep therapeutic presence, and how to effectively listen and communicate. And the biggest and irreplaceable learning of all — to have touched and listened to thousands of people over the years.


The clinician I am today has been informed by all of my professional experiences: in big teaching hospitals and observing surgeries; treating in the water, schools and homes; and with families, children, and adults with a vast array of different diagnoses. Additionally, I am on my healing journey to be the best person I can be. I consistently receive my own work, and this has been essential to honing my skills.


Through it all, I have crafted ways to support you in resolving the physical issues that you are facing with a multi-faceted approach. I am in collaboration with you as you navigate your own particular way of defining and reaching your health and wellness.

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