Map Out Your Health & Wellness Intentions

You may have been struggling with chronic pain or an aspect of your health and wellbeing for a number of years and are feeling stuck or not sure where to begin in creating change.


Working collaboratively with me to map out your health and wellness intentions could look like:

  • Coaching on creating your healthcare support team

  • Identifying clear and measurable changes in your health and wellness 

  • Coordinating meetings between a health care team while receiving treatment with me 

  • Participating in group support for your health and wellness intentions


This is a totally customizable offering to support you in clarifying your health and wellness goals and taking the steps toward attaining them. 


"I feel your work with me has been an integral part of healing from my past hurts and traumas as well as building me up for the future pursuit of my life passions.  I have gained a validation I have been seeking that I can be whole again by listening to my body compassionately. I have learned to lean on my circle of people to gain strength in facing unexpected challenges. I have realized I do not need to “tough it out”.  I realize that I need to take care of myself as thoroughly as I care for others. You have given me a safe place to unpack my hurts.  You have given me the confidence, with kind reminders, that I have the ability to heal.  You have been my guide, my coach, my mentor.  I am thankful that my body and mind have made space to welcome my future. With gratitude, KH"


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