Long-Distance Sessions

At this point in time, I am not able to work physically with people due to the "shelter-in-place" that has been evoked in order to control the spread of COVID-19. Some of you already work with me as long-distance phone clients but for many of you, this is a very new concept! 


My training

Since the beginning of my CranioSacral Therapy training (18 years ago) I have also been attending classes in the Healing From the Core curriculum developed by Suzanne Scurlock, who is also a CranioSacral therapy instructor. Over the years I have completed all the Healing from the Core curriculum, become a presenter of the work and spent many years honing my skills in Long Distance work that is in line with many of the basic tenets of CST. 


What a session is like

The sessions are done over the phone for 55 minutes. It is good to be sitting in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the ground. If that position does not work for you then lying down with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor or bed will work. You may like to use earbuds or speakerphone. We will check-in together and I will support and guide you to drop into your body with a guided exploration helping you to become aware of sensations.  I will offer "energetic hands" wherever you would like them to support you in your session. By gently holding your attention in your body it facilitates an understanding of the information held in your body.  I will assist you by guiding you with questions to help you to connect with the deep informing that is available to you.  

What people are saying

"Today was my first long-distance session with Kate. I am a long time client. I thought it was very effective for me. I was able to drop into my body and feel how I was feeling. Kate took me through each area of my body. I was able to relieve some anxiety and anger and know what effect it had on my heart and breathing. I will use these tools as I go through my days to keep attuned and more grounded."


"I am feeling good.  My leg pain came back about an hour or 2 after the call, but less painful.  Today it's a little better.  My shoulders definitely feel less heavy and less pushed forward.  I've been getting deep massages every couple months for the shoulder issue because it's so uncomfortable, so it's pretty amazing that you were able to help with that. Thanks again!"  - From a client who had not received CST before and was her first session with me

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