Multihands Craniosacral Therapy

Multihands Craniosacral Therapy is a session where you receive CST from two or more therapists at the same time. This combining of skills offers you a potent opportunity to address deeply held patterns in your body. Two therapists working together provide greater support and enhanced focus. Clients consistently report that one multihands session has the value of several one-on-one sessions.


Kate and Robyn Scherr have each been practicing CST for over sixteen years, and have been collaborating regularly in multihands sessions for the past twelve years. Kate offers sessions each month for clients and training opportunities for Therapists.


Multihands Craniosacral Therapy


Kate and Robyn offer Multihands CST sessions on the first or second Wednesday of every month. Below is the current schedule with availability and updates are in Kate's monthly newsletters. Sessions are $270. In 2020 the rate will be $290.

Sessions are held on the first or second Wednesday of every month.



November 6th Lafayette FULL

December 4th Livermore FULL


January 8th Lafayette 10am & noon available

February 5th Livermore10am,11am, and noon

March 4th Lafayette 10am,11am, and noon

April 1st Livermore 10am,11am, and noon

May 6th Lafayette 10am & noon available

June 3rd Livermore 10am,11am, and noon


Appointments at 10AM, 11AM, and noon.

Sessions are 50 minutes. $270 ($290 in 2020)

Mentoring offered in a Multihands setting


I offer mentoring with my colleague Robyn Scherr for a day where you work with us in a mulithands setting with clients. We are both certified mentors with the UI, so the day qualifies for 1.5 hours of “Category C” (one-on-one) mentoring. Scherr


A typical day looks like this:


  • 9:30-10:00 introductions, going over the day’s clients, and what you ’d like to work on.

  • 10:00-1pm three 50-minute client sessions. We’ll provide coaching and point out interesting happenings as the sessions go along.

  • 1pm -2:30 lunch, with time to review the sessions and receive feedback.


Our fee for the day is $100. 


You will be listed on our websites as a support therapist for that day.

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