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Refining my boundaries

Updated: May 24, 2021

At the end of this month, my friend Meghan McGrath and I sponsored and assisted a class called Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications I. This is an advanced level class in the Healing From the Core curriculum developed by Suzanne Scurlock. The class is about learning our own energy habits: where our strengths are as well as how we may lose energy and grounding when faced with overwhelming emotions or challenging situations. We also learn how to rejuvenate ourselves more quickly. In addition, we learn how to track the individual energy flow habits and blockages of our clients and how to help them use grounding to rejuvenate themselves. These skills are key in helping people to heal from trauma. They are also key in helping anyone live a richer life full of joy and creativity.

So as you can tell from that abbreviated class description from Suzanne’s website we all got to spend 5 days refining our boundaries! I have been immersed in the Healing From the Core Curriculum for many years and each time I take or assist a class I deepen my understanding of myself in ways that benefit me both personally and professionally.

Kate Mackinnon, Oscar the Cat
Oscar the Cat

I enjoyed being able to assist the class in my hometown of Livermore. Healing From the Core instructor for this class, Lori Chintz, is also a friend of mine, and came to stay with me. Lori got to meet our latest addition to our family, Oscar! Oscar is a 5-year-old tabby cat who we adopted at the end of September. He has been a great teacher about boundaries. He has shown me how he can clearly set and maintain his boundaries on his own terms! Approach him too quickly and he is off. If I sit and wait for him to come to me he is relaxed and purring in no time! He enjoyed meeting Lori and was soon purring away in a chair next to her as she stroked him. One of his special talents is opening doors and he paid Lori a visit in the middle of the night! He is not so good at respecting our boundaries!!

I am sure I will keep learning from Oscar and I will keep you updated. Next month I will be sharing about a big project I have been working on with my good friend Robyn Scherr – stay tuned! Love from my hands and heart, Kate xx


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