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Time to reflect

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are deep into the winter where the days are darker, cooler, and shorter. These conditions create an impulse for us to slow down our lives and spend more time reflecting and introspecting. Many times, this process can create discomfort and even may stir up painful feelings. A wonderful antidote for these unwelcome sensations is an embodiment practice where you learn how to pay attention to the internal sensations in a gentle and safe way. I recently read this excellent article that explores the research studies showing the many benefits of having a regular embodiment practice. As you probably have read before, I have spent years immersed in mastering this skill and trained to become a Certified Master Practitioner of Healing From the Core®. You can join me on Zoom once a month for a free guided exploration of your health and wellness if you would like to learn more and deepen the experience by being in a group of like-minded people.

Journaling is another beneficial use of this quite reflective time and spending time creating your intentions for next year. I wrote an article in Massage Magazine that you may find helpful to use as you prepare for 2022. This article shares the pearls of wisdom that I have learned from my mentors over the years as well as from all the amazing participants in the intention group I facilitated for the last nine months.

My next Collaborative Intention group is full, new dates will be coming soon. However, it is not too late to join me in attending Release and Renewal New Year Retreat online on January 7-9, 1-5 pm EST.

Finally, I am grateful to spend this Holiday season with my family in the UK. It has been a long wait! I will be sharing photos on Instagram if you would like to follow my travels (all dependent on pandemic conditions of course!)

Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season and successful intention planning for 2022.


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