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"Kate is probably the most accomplished Craniosacral therapist that I have ever come across."

- Wayne Dyer

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I went to Kate when my 4 week old son was constipated.  He had not had a bowel movement by the third day and he was waking up crying in pain.  My medical colleagues advised me to offer prune juice mixed with water or to give him Caro Syrup (corn syrup).  I did not want to offer my son anything but breast milk or formula.  I had previously seen Kate for myself, so I called her for advise.  After working on my son for 15 minutes, he had a large bowel movement.  I needed to call her one more time a week later for the same problem, but since he has been having regular stools on his own.  I am so grateful to have a happy, content little boy.  Catherine, FNP.

I began CST three years ago because of a specific sports injury. Since then, this process has realigned my body by releasing tension in tight areas and braking up old, destructive, holding patterns. While working with Kate I have experienced the mind, body connection first hand and now consider this process an integral component of my well being. Kate is a gifted healer whom I am grateful to work with. KA retired special education teacher

"Visiting Ms. Kate is always exciting to me. I really enjoy going to her because I feel I can tell her anything and she teaches you lifetime tips that really works.  She is someone you can rely on always. She taught me how to ground and the grounding really helps me when I am mad. Sometimes my mom tells me to do your grounding to calm down again and it works!  Also when I think I can't finish something or do something, I do my grounding and it makes me think  "you know what I can do this!"  I always think about telling my friends to go to Ms. Kate when they are upset or are not behaving well.  I feel so much better and relaxed when I go to my sessions.  I would recommend it to everyone.  It even helps me to ground when I go up to bat while playing baseball!" -- Siraj, age 10

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