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Dolphin Assisted CranioSacral Therapy

Dolphin Assisted CranioSacral Therapy (DACST) classes and programs are run by Integrative Intentions International. It was founded by Chas Perry and Kat Plasencio, to continue Dr Upledger's  BioAquatic CST work. In 2011, a cooperative relationship with the Upledger Institute International was established.

The DACST classes for therapists and the programs (DATIP) for clients are both four days long and held in the Grand Bahamas.

Here are the dates for 2024:

BAES June 30-July 3, 2024 Freeport, Bahamas

DATIP July 7-10, 2024 Freeport, Bahamas

BADA July 14-17, 2024 Freeport, Bahamas

BAEA July 14-17, 2024 Freeport, Bahamas

DATIP July 21-24, 2024 Freeport, Bahamas

BAER July 28-31, 2024 Freeport, Bahamas

BAEC July 28-31, 2024 Freeport, Bahamas

DATIP August 4-7, 2024 Freeport, Bahamas


"I came for help with seizures, but I felt like I received wisdom on a deeper level nearer to the root cause. It seemed that the dolphins became familiar with me and the others. Each day, they met us with unbridled enthusiasm to take on the healing challenge. I felt some real shifting going on, not just physically but also emotionally. I left feeling that the experience hadn’t ended… That the healing was beginning. I haven’t had a seizure since my time with the dolphins.”​ Scarlett Lewis founder of Choose Love and participant in a DATIP.

A personal experience from Kate

In one of my sessions, I was floating on my back, supported by my colleague at my ankles, and I became aware of a wave pattern the dolphins created. My body responded with a gentle undulation from my head down to my pelvis, but curiously, it did not continue to my legs. As I thought I would like more presence in my legs to access the undulation, a dolphin lay underneath my right leg, which suddenly felt very alive and vibrant. 

After the dolphin had left, I thought, “I want that for my left leg. Can I do it myself? Will my left leg copy my right leg?” In the next moment, a dolphin came and hung out underneath my left leg with the same response of being alive and vibrant. This change within my legs meant that could now feel the undulation all the way through my body.

I was in awe of the experience, and it was a clear demonstration to me of the power of my thoughts. That change in how my legs feel has continued to stay with me six months later, making it easier to feel steady in my legs and more grounded. 

I found in these sessions that the dolphins become the primary/lead therapist and the therapist is the support. 

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