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Intention Group with Kate

January 23, Feb. 6 & 20, March 6 & 20, April 10 & 24, May 1 & 22, 2021


I am gathering an intention group to meet bi-monthly for the next five months. Discover the power of group support with your personal intention for health and wellness. As indicated by a growing field of research,  amazing changes can take place in health and wellbeing when one receives group support through the dual process of being supported and supporting others. I have witnessed this when receiving or giving CST. The treatment points to a strong sense of what is needed next. Sharing that vision with another person gives it more power and actuality. This group has been filled, please email me if you are interested in joining an intention group at a later date.

Group Intention and Support for your Therapeutic Business

Date: TBD

How it will work: We will meet six times weekly on Zoom where practical, down-to-earth information on the elements laid out in the book I co-wrote with Robyn Scherr will be presented. Each person will individually receive group support on their business intentions as I lead the group through a powerful meditation. As a group, we will work through challenges and celebrate successes! There will be weekly partner work assigned in the time between classes.

Cost: $197 and includes a signed copy of the book Elements of a Successful Therapeutic Business

Limited to 8 people. Please email me with any questions