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11-year old Lacrosse Player Injury

Recently I received an urgent call about an 11-year old lacrosse player who woke up in severe pain. He had played a game of lacrosse the day before but hadn't exhibited any pain until the next morning. When Ryan got out of bed, he could not bear any weight on this right leg because of the pain he felt in his hip.

He shared how he fell several times during the game plus experienced intense defensive players pushing into him with their lacrosse sticks and found himself playing more aggressively than usual.

I have known Ryan since he was a baby and guessed that he had wanted to make things right and fair for his team due to the unjust behavior their opponents displayed!

To help his muscles relax, I asked him to let his right hip know that the game was over. Ryan shares in his own words how his CranioSacral therapy session went for him: 

"I really like it when Kate asks me to imagine where the hurt is in my body. I'm able to take the bad [negative] energy and recycle it into good [positive] energy to fix the hurt. 

The hurt in my bone, which was really bad, is an example of this.  Kate had me imagine my tailbone. She asked me if it looks like a happy or sad dog tail. I imagined it and saw a sad tail.  She said take all that mean and hurt energy and use it to heal your "dog tail".  

I imagined God taking the energy and turning it into healing energy. I wanted to be fair with my body, so I used the energy to heal it everywhere and relax my whole body.  I imagined round spheres with smiley faces with repair tools going around to the hurt areas in my body." 

11-year old Lacrosse Player Injury
11-year old Lacrosse Player Injury

Ryan's visualizations clearly helped as his muscles surrounding his right hip began to relax, loosen and release the energy it was holding from the game played the day before.

Because of the severe pain, Ryan was experiencing plus his inability to place much weight on his right foot, it was important for him to obtain x-rays and check his growth plate plus his femur head for hairline fracture(s). Fortunately, it all looked good and the doctor diagnosed a ligamentous strain. After resting the leg and receiving chiropractic care, he has able to return to school and attend his school overnight camp the following week.

Ryan really enjoys being an active partner in his treatments. Having our children be the best advocate for themselves is something that I am passionate about and always looking for new information and ways to do this. This is why I have put together an online class to empower parents with my good friend Lauren called,  Empowered Parenting: Practical Tools for Parents & School-Aged Children. It was Lauren's son that I was treating in the story I shared.

When Lauren and I got together to create this online class, we felt that we had been able to access lots of great resources when our children were babies but not much now that they are older. We contacted our friends who we thought could bring some thought provoking and informative discussion for us to share with our fellow parents. 

I hope that you share this passion to empower yourself, and your children, and join us in this class. If you're interested in what we've created, please share it with your friends. We have (what we think!) is very important information to share about the well-being of our children with topics such as how to help them ground when they are upset, how the social-emotional state of a child is key to their learning, the role of touch in our families, the spiritual component of our child and what products are safe to use.

We hope that you will join us and share in our passion!

From My Hands and Heart, Kate xx


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