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What is the first CST appointment like?

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

I recently had a new client who did not know much about CST and found her way to me. This month I had the idea to ask her if would she would share her initial experience of CST whilst it was fresh in her mind. I have been doing this work for so long I forget how surprising that first experience can be. Here is what she shared: “I was in a car accident in May 2016 that fractured by sternum and left contusions on my knees. My fractured sternum caused pain, difficulty breathing and left me unable to lift certain objects without discomfort. It was recommended that I have a breast reduction to relieve some of the weight in my chest area. Post breast reduction surgery, during recovery, my entire body was sore; partly from having to sleep on my back (I'm a side-sleeper) or sitting up. I needed a massage and/or physical therapy. Unfortunately, I was limited in the treatment I could receive since the surgery did not allow range of motion in my arms (for 3-4 weeks) and I unable to lay on my stomach. In researching alternative treatments, I was led to Craniosacral therapy andKate Mackinnon. To be honest, my expectations were low since the only experience I had was getting deep pressure massages, however I was in pain and was open to whatever might give me relief. I emailed and called Kate in desperation; to my surprise she responded back to me quickly and answered all the questions I had. The day of my first visit, I was very nervous not knowing what to expect. Immediately, Kate put me at ease with her grace and calm presence. In addition, the treatment was incredible. Kate's gentle movements to my body and the dialogue we engaged in during the session not only helped the pain, but released inner stress and tension I had surrounding the car accident itself. I can only explain leaving the session as feeling lighter and more centered. I actually checked her schedule when I got home to see if I could go back the next day! I've had several Craniosacral therapy sessions since the initial and each time I leave with my body feeling stronger, centered and more at peace.”

Kate Mackinnon at Valley Montessori School
Kate Mackinnon at Valley Montessori School

I am also excited to share with you a video that is hot of the press, so to speak!! I have loved sharing the compassionate touch program that the Upledger Institute created. When my children were younger I went into their classrooms a number of times to talk about Compassionate Touch and leave them a copy of “I can show you I care: Compassionate Touch for Children” by Susan Cotta. I made a video of me talking to a Kindergarten class about compassionate touch in the hopes that more people will bring it into their schools and homes. I think that it is an idea worth sharing! Here is the video – I would love to hear what you think.

Love from my hands and heart, Kate xx


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