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Family Connections

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

One of my favorite things about my Craniosacral Therapy practice is working with family members sometimes at the same time and sometimes individually. Developing these deep rich connections is so fulfilling and nourishing to me. I wanted to share with you a family that I have worked with for over 14 years. I started treating the grandmother of this family and still do! She then bought her daughter-in-law, Lori, to a CST session to help with her jaw and back pain. Here is what Lori wrote to share with you all:

Our family has benefited greatly from Kate Mackinnon's CranioSacral Therapy sessions. I began going to see Kate back when my children were young. Under the stress of being a mom with 3 small children, my body & my mind were craving for peace and balance to return once again in my life. This stress manifested its pain within my back and jaw. Kate helped release the pain with her gentle hands and knowledge to help teach my body how to return to those new patterns of balance and peace. Throughout the last 10 years, I check in with Kate for a bit of a "reset" to continue the balance and peace within my body.

My kids have also found a great benefit from seeing Kate every once in awhile through the years. Two of my kids were suffering from headaches and back pain from day to day stress of school and just being a kid in this day of age. Kate taught my girls how to listen and be aware of their bodies and how to go about healing them through CST. They continue to ask me, " Mom, when can we see Kate again?"

My latest interaction with Kate has been with my sweet, scruffy little dog named "Hope". Hope showed signs of weakness in her hind legs this past December and could barely stand. We knew we needed to act fast and get her to her doctor. We were told that Hope was basically paralyzed from her upper back down to the rest of her body. To save our Hope we needed to rush up to UC Davis and have emergency back surgery on her spine that evening. They gave us a 50/50 chance of a good or bad outcome with this surgery. We were in shock but knew that we had to save her because she was so young and healthy. Her surgery went well but they told us only time would tell with her recovery. Hope came back to our house right before Christmas and she was very calm and quiet for 2 weeks. After we went for her 2-week post operation appointment, we were discouraged when her doctor saw no improvement neurologically in her back and hind legs. He told us this could take a long time to see improvement, if any. I knew at that point that we needed to start with some kind of therapy right away even though the doctor had not recommended it until 5 or 6 weeks out. So, I got it touch with Kate and scheduled an appointment for Hope on her third week post operation.

We saw Kate on a Monday and during that session, Kate did not feel much energy (CranioSacral rhythm) in her back and hind legs and we agreed to set up one more appointment to just check again for any change the following week. Of course, Hope went home and she slept the entire day from that session with Kate. By the following Monday, I was out running errands and I got a call from my husband telling me to watch the video he just sent me on my phone. I had to pull over because when I pressed play I was shocked to see my paralyzed dog, Hope, walking in our backyard. She walked unsteady for about 1 minute and then sat down. But...she WALKED nonetheless!! Kate has continued to treat Hope for the past few weeks and I attribute much of her healing to the work of CranialSacral Therapy. We are so grateful to Kate and her dedication to her work on my family throughout the past 10 years and also for this much needed healing for our dog, Hope. We never gave up hope.......

Kate Mackinnon clients
Kate Mackinnon clients


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