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Being Courageous

How many of you have had to face an uncomfortable truth?

It could be about something you have done to someone or that someone has done to you. Either way, for me, both are about standing up for what is true - whether I am apologizing or stating my hurt. I have had to muster up a lot of courage in those situations, particularly because I dislike confrontation.

What I have noticed over the years of working with people is that at some point, it takes settling into our own bodies and acknowledging what sensations we’re feeling about a particular circumstance. As adults, we can more easily skirt around facing something uncomfortable by rationalizing it away or saying something like, “other people have it much worse than me.”

While this can be true, it takes away from the part of us that is holding onto the consequences of an unresolved hurt. This can take a physical, emotional and spiritual toll on us.

I was in awe of my dear friend Scarlett Lewis, who made a stand for truth to be heard with a huge amount of courage. Some of you may have followed the Alex Jones Trial. Scarlett and her late son Jesse’s father Neil brought a defamation case against him. As one reporter said, “Not many could have kept a calm demeanor when confronting a conspiracy theorist – especially one as outrageous as broadcaster Alex Jones, who has claimed the Sandy Hook Massacre is a government hoax and that the families are actors… In keeping her composure, Lewis may have drawn on some emotional skills she has learned as the founder of the Choose Love Movement, which helps bring social and emotional learning programs into schools. She started the nonprofit after Jesse’s death in an effort to prevent more school shootings.”

You can see part of her testimony here.

After the trial, she had a number of interviews with the media. Interviewers were so curious about how she had the ability to effectively state the truth and why it was so important. My favorite interview was on CBS Mornings. I know that she energized so many people with her courageous act and the ripple effect will carry on creating change for some time.

I am delighted to be a facilitator with the Choose Love Movement and will be presenting Navigating Healthy Compassionate Touch in Schools on September 6th, 6-7.30 pm EST. I have witnessed the profound change that can happen with touch over the last 30 years. I am passionate about discussing how we can explore safe and appropriate use of touch in and outside of the school setting.

I believe with the rise of mental health challenges among our youth, educators need effective solutions to create calmer classrooms and emotional resilience. Research in neuroscience has proven that nurturing touch positively impacts brain development, mental health, and social behavior. I hope you can join me for the workshop and please share with friends.

I hope you are as inspired as I am by Scarlett’s courage for truth to be heard.

Love from my hands and heart,

Kate xx


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