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Staying grounded in new growth

Spring is a wonderful time of year to take a fresh look at what could be removed to make space for new growth. We observe this in nature and feel the inner reflection inside us.

My garden has lots of new growth, including some plants I don’t want! Last week, we received a big delivery of new Californian native plants to fill empty spaces. It felt like Christmas as I greeted my new baby plants! I am very fortunate to have a good friend, a landscape architect passionate about drought-tolerant native plants. Through her guidance, I have a beautiful backyard that all of us love.

Craniosacral therapy can support clients in “spring cleaning” and identifying what is no longer serving them. For example, a client may recognize a tension pattern held in their body that has developed over time in response to a stressful relationship. The tension pattern can come into focus as the therapist’s hands highlight the tension, oftentimes bringing up strong emotions and sensations. When the intensity is felt strongly through our abdomen and upper chest, it can be very uncomfortable. If we pay attention to the presence in our legs and our sense of grounding, this brings in steadiness that helps us to find a pathway to release the intense sensations. Often it shows up through our upper and/or lower limbs. The softening of the tension pattern means that the body is not working as hard to hold on, freeing up more resources for our bodies. This creation of space allows for something new to emerge.

Noticing how our legs feel and checking in with our connection to the ground below us can also help to steady us in everyday life. Try this if you find yourself overwhelmed as you are spring cleaning your house or having a challenging conversation with strongly felt emotions.

It is helpful to be intentional about what we want to bring into our lives once we have created more space. This is one of the reasons why I so enjoy facilitating Embodied Intentions Groups. Over the two years of holding these groups, I have learned so much and have been delighted to witness beautiful transformations. In the fall, I will offer Embodied Intention Groups that will run for ten weeks. Stay tuned for more details and mark your calendars for a start date of September 7th for an in-person group in Livermore and September 8th for online.


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