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Bounce into action

Updated: May 23, 2021

So many issues at the forefront right now. We’re trying to navigate the ever-changing Covid-19 protocols, amongst the vast dialogue on the racial issues in the United States. I’m mainly listening, reading, and processing my own thoughts. Like I shared, I have been relying heavily on the skills I have learned from my training in CST and Healing From the Core right now. Both to cope with the physical distancing and decision making for my family in regards to the virus, as well as the collective pains regarding race and discrimination. As I am reading, listening, and paying attention to the pain around me, I have been tracking the emotions and sensations it has stirred up within me. In this skill set, I’ve had to address my own discomfort and witness my own biases. This opens me up for honesty and change. Within that delicate process, I can bounce into action and serve from a place of more knowledge, understanding, peace, and compassion. 

Many of us are finding ourselves triggered by the altered way we are having social interactions. When we are out shopping, people go out of their way to avoid us, often with a look of concern or fear on their masked faces. All of these experiences are not pleasant for our nervous system! It is yet another place I have been using all my skills in supporting myself.

I launched a blog on Medium, where I explore issues relating to touch, personal growth and healing, connection, and more! In my first post, I wrote about touch deprivation throughout our society in general, and in the lockdowns in particular, and how touch might be the very avenue to help us heal from the anxiety and frenzy related to Covid-19. Last week, I published my second blog on ways to build connections and heal the divisions we’re seeing across the country. In both blogs, I’ve provided numerous ideas and practical tips for overcoming pain. I would love to hear your comments and appreciate you sharing with your friends and colleagues. It’s been incredibly insightful and therapeutic to process these ideas through writing and hearing from others on these important topics.

Additionally, I’ve been working with the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement to develop a new curriculum for teachers to facilitate the return to school that will have many challenges. This new free program is available for educators worldwide.


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