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Choosing yourself

I will often commend a first-time client on the courage it takes to make an appointment and come through my office door. Essentially, what it means is that they have chosen themselves and made their well-being a priority. The majority of my clients are women and we often need confirmation that we are making the right decision to place our health and wellbeing at the top of the priority list, particularly in this current time. 

I have been noticing how I have had to have a word with myself and make sure that I am receiving all the support and work that I need. I too need to choose myself. Sometimes I think that it is a lot of investment or selfish, but that is an old thought pattern and conditioning. As soon as I lie down on a table to receive bodywork, I know I made the right choice.

Last weekend I chose to travel to the coast with some girl friends. We found a place where we could go “glamping,” each with our own little tent cabins around a shared fire pit where we could all sit around. It was such a tonic to relax, spend time talking, and take long strolls along the beach.

Choice has been a theme that has shown up for this month. In fact, I read a book called The Choice by Dr. Edith Eger. The book came strongly recommended by my dear friend Scarlett Lewis, founder of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement. Scarlett hosts a book club that features an amazing author each month, and Dr. Eger will be joining the book club on Dec. 30. (You can learn more about the book club by joining here). I am so glad that I took Scarlett’s advice and read this book. Dr. Eger tells her story as a Hungarian Jew who was sent to Auschwitz at 16 during wartime, and her journey of healing after surviving unimaginable horrors. There was one moment she describes in the book about how holding hands was a huge support for her sister. It inspired my latest blog post on how touch can serve as a critical communicator in times of distress.

Last week, Scarlett and I held a Zoom call, “Choosing Love in Challenges Times.” We discussed how this pandemic has challenged us, perhaps even more than usual, to pause and make that choice between a loving thought or not! We also spoke a lot about strengthening the skill of self-forgiveness. Because I know for me, there have been many times since March that I have not chosen love. Mostly I was not even aware of when that moment of choice came in; I just blew right past it! Please listen in for some inspiring reflections. We ended up talking for two hours so make sure you sit down in a cozy chair with a cup of tea in hand.

As we head into the winter months in the Northern hemisphere, I hope that you can make some nourishing choices for yourself. It is a good time to read some good books, like The Choice. I also recommend Know my Name by Channel Miller. 

If you are thinking of gifts for the holiday season, one of my clients has created these beautiful stones with the words “Say Good, Do Good, Be Good”. Of course, From my Hands and Heart and Elements of a Successful Therapeutic Business are also great reads and gifts! Additionally, the Jesse Lewis Choose Live online store features many lovely gifts that help support the free programs offered in schools and communities worldwide

This month, challenge yourself to be mindful of the choice points that you have and let me know what changed for you.


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