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Gifts of the Ocean

It was a number of years ago I heard the phrase “It’s on my bucket list”. The first time I heard it was when I was with Wayne Dyer and a car pulled up as we were walking along the sidewalk. A lady jumped out and asked if she could give him a hug because it was on her bucket list! Once I found out what the phrase meant and I watched the movie it got me thinking about what was on my bucket list. Last week I got to tick something off my bucket list!

Ever since I had heard about the Bio aquatics classes taught by the Upledger Institute,

Kate Mackinnon @ Upledger Institute Bioaquatics Class, Bahamas
Kate Mackinnon @ Upledger Institute Bioaquatics Class, Bahamas

I had wanted to go. This year it happened! I flew to the Grand Bahamas for a four-day class where we experienced swimming with dolphins, doing CST in the ocean and pool and we also experienced being supported in the water whilst the dolphins were swimming in the water with us. They would swim by us and be making different sounds and touching us when they chose to. As I was being supported in the water I could feel changes taking place in my neck, shoulders and abdomen. Everybody in my class described similar kinds of experiences and we were floating in the water for only 15 minutes each!

The place I am happiest is in the water so to spend four days in the water doing CST was heaven to me. I also love moving as I am working through ideas, issues and difficult memories. Working in the pool and the ocean meant that I was able to move in anyway I wanted in an effortless way. After swimming with the dolphins and then working in the ocean it was very easy for me to feel all the support of all living things that are in the Ocean. I have a special love for whales and dolphins. I was surprised when I felt a connection to the sharks! I would have loved to stay and participate as a therapist for the 4 day intensive treatment program for clients but I had to get home to my family.

Hopefully many of you watched the short documentary made by the Upledger Foundation, much of it was filmed in the Bahamas and interviewed clients who have participated in this program. Amazing changes happen! Hopefully next year! And if any of you are interested in attending the program as a client or therapist, the link is HERE.

Another event I am excited about is my dear friend, Scarlett Lewis, will be coming to Livermore again. On this visit she will be launching the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Social Emotional Learning Program to the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District. She will be speaking to all the staff in the district in the morning and then in the evening she will be giving a free talk at the Bankhead theater for the community to come and learn and be part of the solution. For any of you in the Bay Area I hope that you come listen to Scarlett speak.

Enjoy the rest of your summer,

Kate xx


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