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Embracing the Unexpected

July was a month filled with summer activities. Both of my sisters hadbeen visiting with their families, which brought a refreshing change to my daily rhythm.

Our first trip was to Yosemite National Park, which I was excited to visit again, as it had been many years. On our drive through the park, we stopped off at a classic vista spot and realized that the normally iconic view of the half dome was quite hazy (see inset). A quick check on my phone confirmed that there was a fire close to the ancient Mariposas.

As we continued our drive along the valley floor, my sister shouted, “Bear, bear, bear!” We all leap out of the car to see a bear foraging for food, seemingly oblivious to all of us. With a seed of doubt about the fire, we set off on our hike from the valley floor and climbed 3,200 feet up to Glacier Point. Tired and elated, we took in the world famous views, which were shrouded in a gray haze.

The next day, we stayed close to our cabin and visited a local water hole. The air quality continued to worsen. It was evident the fire was not letting up, so we made the decision to leave a day early. The disappointment of spending only one day in Yosemite was softened by having some fun at a local lake and spending the bonus day with an impromptu visit to the beach.

While it was a letdown not to be able to share the wonders of Yosemite with family, I was able to let go and enjoy the new activities that emerged. Certain we would lose the money on the cabin despite using it for less time, the owners unexpectedly reimbursed us. We had already come to terms with what happened and this good fortune made things that much sweeter.

Working through an experience where plans do not go as expected is often felt by clients receiving CranioSacral Therapy. In my example, the stakes were not high. However, I know that in other similar moments in my life, I have held on to my disappointment and resisted the change. These feelings are expressed as rigidity in both my thinking and in my body.

In a CST session, we can feel into the holding, which may feel dense and heavy inside. The touch and support of a CranioSacral Therapist help enable softening in and around the tension. I know that my years of receiving CST helped me navigate the kind of experience I shared with more flow and ease than I was capable of years ago.

I wish you all flow and ease with your plans and dreams.

Love from my hands and heart,

Kate xx


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