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Having fun while growing and learning

I am writing this newsletter on the second day back to school. The change in rhythm is very obvious to me as I my ears get used to the quiet in the house. Our cat, Oscar, is not happy with the change and is very much missing the attention he gets from my children.  Now that school is back and all our visitors from the UK have left I am able to put my full attention to our book launch for our upcoming book, "Elements of a Successful Business". Robyn and I were so excited to hear how a group of CranioSacral Therapists has created a book club where they will connect via Zoom twice a month to discuss the book and support one another. This is like a dream come true for us! And is made even better as we have been invited to join in with the group discussion for one of their meetings. 

We have been on a steep learning curve about book publishing. We learned that pre-order sales are really important. It has been exciting to see people making pre-orders of the book with online distributors worldwide and sending us an email to with their pre-order confirmation to join our free Q&A call on September 15. Pre-orders are super important for the book because all pre-orders are counted as a "first-week sale." High first-week sales prompt online retailers to feature our book, get the attention of bookstores (that will then stock the book), and show media such as podcasters and magazine editors that there's interest in our material. As you know, we want as many people as possible—everyone, really—to have access to the therapeutic work that will most help them. That means we need plenty of therapists of all stripes to thrive in their businesses, and we want to help them with this book. Our other steep learning curve has been recording videos for the book and the classes we are teaching. We did manage to have a lot of fun and mostly sit up straight! Check out our YouTube channel to see them all. I also updated the introduction video for the Healthy Compassionate Touch program, for Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement. You can check that out here. I will wrap up this blog with a testimonial that my dear friend and mentor, Suzanne Scurlock, wrote: "Finally, a book that provides solid business advice tailored to the therapeutic practitioner! Having taught and mentored thousands of CST therapists across the last 33 years, I have seen again and again that being an excellent manual therapist does not always equate to having good business sense. So Robyn's and Kate’s book is a wonderful resource for all of us. They understand not only how to be successful in business, but how to teach it to others in a clear, concise way. And I love that they continually remind each of us to utilize the inner navigational system of our body to guide us in our businesses so that we are fulfilling and meeting the needs of our clients, even as we build monetary success."  P.S. Please join me for a Facebook Live on Sept. 12 at noon PST with Anita Moorjani. It's going to be great!


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