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Keeping the work fresh and alive

Updated: May 25, 2021

On Sept. 13, Robyn Scherr and I launched our book, Elements of a Therapeutic Business. It was an exciting day! We have been having fun talking about the book. Last week I gave a talk at Athena Rising to a wonderful group of entrepreneurial women. The following day I was interviewed by Anita Moorjani on her Facebook Live. It was made more interesting and stressful because my internet went down right as we were going live! But I did get reconnected and we were able to do the interview. Anita and I first met in 2012 after she had met Wayne Dyer. Wayne had read about Anita’s Near Death experience and he knew her experience and insights were important for everybody to hear about. Both her books Dying To Be Me and What If This Is Heaven are well worth reading.  

Robyn and I did some book signing in a class that we attended together this last weekend on exploring the CranioSacral system and Chinese Medicine energetics. It was the first time we had been at an event where we were able to book sign together.  The workshop was taught by two very experienced therapists, Miranda Warburton and Jennifer Minor. I met them both in the Bahamas where they teach and assist the classes taught there. The class was like a reunion as there were many friends there who I have met from the dolphin workshops in the Bahamas. They traveled to my home town of Livermore to attend the workshop. We talked about the devastation that Hurricane Dorian brought to the Grand Bahamas as well as the island of Abaco. If any of you wish to help the people of the Grand Bahamas there is a GoFundMe set up by Integrative Intentions, the organization that runs the dolphin workshops. They are able to deliver practical help and support directly to the people on the Grand Bahamas. This recent workshop delighted and inspired me as I continue to learn and grow my touch skills. Today, for example, I used one of the concepts that I learned in the class on a client’s leg and they felt the effects in their head and sinuses. This is what I would have expected to happen given that I was working with lines of energy that run from the foot to the head! This year marks 30 years since I completed my training as a Physical Therapist (Physiotherapist) in Edinburgh and I feel so fortunate to still be enjoying my work and with the same level of freshness as I did back in 1989!   In November, I will have the wonderful opportunity to work on a CST therapy program in the UK. I got to know some of my British colleagues through my work on these programs in the US and I am looking forward to getting to know more colleagues in the UK. If you know of anybody who you think would benefit from attending this 5-day intensive treatment in Brighton, UK please contact my friend, Caro. You can find out more about the program here. Please let me know about the ways in which you continue to grow and keep things fresh and exciting.  Love from my hands and heart, Kate xx


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