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Kindness Rocks! How This Client Makes It Happen

Last month I shared about how much I value all the wonderful collaborations I have with my colleagues.

I also love to see projects that my clients have dreamt up come to fruition! One such person is Lilli Valencia.  Her project is full of love! I first met Lilli in January of 2104 at Wayne Dyer's Maui Seminar. Wayne invited her to speak on the stage about her experience of having a stroke in the brainstem and her subsequent recovery. Lilli was intrigued when she heard me speak about CranioSacral Therapy at the seminar. She later approached me and asked if I thought it would be beneficial to her. Coincidentally, it turned out that she also lived in the Bay Area.  Just a few weeks later she was on my treatment table!

Here is how Lilli summarizes what CST offered her:

"The months following my stroke I went through various traditional therapies to help me regain normal vision, speech and balance that had been compromised by the stroke. Through these therapies I was able to get the basics back.

However, there had also been subtle changes in my brain and body. These were still present and were becoming more and more noticeable as the more obvious deficiencies faded. I needed help. That help came from Kate and CranioSacral Therapy. 

CST integrated the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies for profound healing. Prior to this, I felt like I was in bits and pieces. With Kate's ever calm, patient and non-judgmental presence and guidance, I learned how to trust my body and its' capacity to heal itself.  I felt like I was put back together again. It was an awakening for me. I am living now."

-- Lilli Valencia 

During Lilli's recovery in the hospital and at home she had a series of epiphanies. She shares:

  • "The only thing I truly have control of is my attitude. I can choose to be a crabby pants or I can choose to be good humored. I chose the latter.

  • I have nothing to fear. What was I afraid of...I was afraid of not doing all the "shoulds" in life. I was hiding who I truly was.

  • I gained an overwhelming sense of love for everyone and an understanding that each of us is on our own special life path. It is pointless to compare or judge. We all have a story, no single one greater or less than another."

From these realizations Lilli drilled it down to a simple yet profound phrase, "Say Good, Do Good, Be Good". She has taken this inspiration and personally creates individual handmade clay stones with those powerful words imprinted on each one.  Plus, every stone has its own unique number on the back. She explains the significance of these words on her website.

Her stones have already been found all over the world!  On her website, you can follow where they have been found.

Last year I went to visit my friend, Anita Moorjani.  As we were chatting in her kitchen, I looked over at her beautiful orchid and sitting in the pot was a lillistone! I exclaimed, "How did you get that?" Anita replied, "It was given to me at a talk I gave in Portland." 

It turned out that Lilli heard Anita speak in Portland and had personally given Anita a stone. You just never know where they are going to turn up! Two exciting places they have been already include Richard Branson's Necker Island and recently at the Grammys. 

I am grateful for the work that I do.  It's humbling to witness the amazing changes everybody makes over time. Lilli's story is a wonderful example of how the ripple effect can be far and wide.

From My Hands and Heart, Kate xx


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