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Our need for certainty

As a family, we spent a week in Shasta, where we immersed ourselves in nature, mountains, lakes and rivers. We visited Lassen National Park, which has a lot of volcanic activity and went on a short hike to Cold Boiling Lake to see some of the volcanic activity. We found the parking lot that said where the trailhead was. There were two paths, neither of which had a sign posted so we picked the one that was going slightly uphill. As we walked along the trail, my two teenaged children wanted complete assurance that this was the correct path. They asked, “How did you know where you are going? Should we turn back?” They said things like, “I don’t want to do this if you don’t know where you are going” and more. My response remained: “I don’t know if this is the correct path but let’s see where it goes to.”

It was only a half-mile trail so we would soon know. After about 10 minutes of constant doubt and desire for assurance, we came to a trail sign that pointed in the direction of Cold Boiling Lake!! Hallelujah!  I’ve included a picture of the beautiful and serene lake we found shortly after the sign. Though a part of me was fascinated by their need to constantly ask for a complete guarantee that we were on the correct path, another part of me was a little irritated! 

I can see how my own inner teenager also seeks assurance through this pandemic. The story I described is a reflection of all of us right now. The fact that we just don’t know if we are heading down the right path at any given moment sends us into a teenage panic!! 

This analogy also can be seen in many CranioSacral sessions. We often embark on a path of discovery not knowing if we are heading in the right direction. For the therapist facilitating the exploration, this a little nerve-wracking and for the client, it can also be disconcerting. A lot of trust is required! Suddenly, when there is a sense of change felt within the body and a reduction in pain, we feel relief. Just like when we found that sign to Cold Boiling Lake, we relax from the assurance that the journey is heading in the right direction. 

A class that has helped me on my journey is Healing the Pelvic Floor: Reclaiming your Power, Sexuality and Pleasure Potential and is a class that I love to assist. Taught annually at Easlen for over 15 years, this powerful class has transformed me and so many other women. This year it will be taught online and although it will not be the same as gathering on the beautiful grounds of Esalen, I am excited as it opens it up to the possibility for more people to be able to join the class from far and wide! Click here for more details and I hope to “see” you in the class!  

I hope that each of you is navigating your own need for certainty with as much compassion for yourself as possible.


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