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Receiving support

If you have been reading my blog for several years, you may remember Mariela Meylan. I wrote about Mariela's story in my book From my Hands and Heart. Mariela was head-injured while serving in the US army in Iraq in December 2004. When she was transferred to Palo Alto VA in 2006, she began receiving CranioSacral Therapy. Mariela and her parents have formed a team of support that has been crucial to her continued improvement. I have been a member of her team for the last 15 years and have learned so much from witnessing her amazing recovery. Her parents recently shared with me an article about Stanford University's research on the differences in the way men and women heal from brain injury. Mariela was part of the study and her story was included in the video about the research. Both Mariela’s determination and spirit and her mom’s commitment to Mariela’s recovery shine through in the video. Although the video does not discuss all the therapies that she receives, they included a photograph of Mariela receiving CST from me and Kathy in a pool from many years ago! She has shown me how to be determined and overcome obstacles, as well as the ability to be open to receiving help and support. Her commitment to continued growth and healing inspires me, and I hope that you can share in the inspiration. For the last eighteen months I have held regular Zoom calls, originally created to explore ways to ground and calm. Seeing how much this benefitted friends and clients, I’ve been inspired to continue offering this format for health and wellness. ⁠ You are all welcome to join me on Nov. 5 for a free Guided Exploration of Your Health and Wellness on Zoom. I lead everyone through a guided exploration based on the teachings from Healing From the Core®, which helps each of us to connect more deeply within ourselves and listen to our own bodies' wisdom. The experience is enhanced by gathering as a group and we have the opportunity to share our experiences and inspire one another. Please email me if you are interested in joining the call. Through my own experience, I know that to create lasting changes in my life I am much more effective when I am connected with a like-minded group of people. Beginning on January 7, I have created an online class Collaborative Intention Group. We meet six times every two weeks where we will explore:

  • The many meanings of intentions

  • Identifying what is your next step

  • How being a group enhances intention

  • How your presence supports you and those around you

  • Ways to increase self-compassion

  • Deepening your listening skills

Let me know how you receive support to enhance your life. I am always excited to hear about new ways to grow and expand with support.


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