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Time for a review

Updated: May 23, 2021

As I sat down to write this blog, I realized it was one year ago that we went into “shelter in place”. At the time I thought it was all very manageable, we made a sign "Happy Quarantine" that sits at the entrance of our home. It was generally seen as a welcome slowing down in our house. One year later, I can’t say we have welcomed all the experiences this pandemic has brought! The “i” has fallen off the sign and it doesn’t, yet, feel like we can change the message! It now sits in a basket full of masks that we grab on our way out of the door. We are getting better at the rapid adapting that consistently takes place as well as getting a little tired of it.

This same constant adaption has been happening for myself and my colleagues in the bodywork field. Now many bodyworkers are back at work and clients are very happy to be able to receive hands-on help with the physical issues they are looking to get help with. As more therapists are back in the office, it is a great time to reflect on your business structure. What insights have you gleaned about your business from this period of time? This is the perfect time to use what Robyn Scherr and I wrote about in our book Elements of a Successful Therapeutic Business!

We were delighted to see our article, titled “Get more massage clients by figuring out who you really fit with,” in this month’s Massage Magazine. This unique time of an enforced break from “business as usual” and starting back up with a fresh perspective is an opportunity to look at what clients are a good fit for the particular way in which you work. This article helps you take a look at this aspect of a therapist’s business. To celebrate the return to work for many of us, Robyn and I have signed copies of our book available for purchase.

And if you are a recipient of bodywork, this time has been useful in reflecting on how much the bodywork has been helping you! You may have realized that you have done well and created a program of home exercises or daily routines. Others may have really missed your bodywork and have gone back to it with renewed gratitude (I am in this camp!)

I hope that you all can use this revitalizing spring energy to review this last year and create supportive routines and practices, allowing the habits that no longer serve you to drop away. My friend, David Romanelli, has generously made 21 days of meditation available to you all for free. Joining David with his meditations will help you with your spring cleaning on all levels!

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