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Turn Anxiety into Intention

When we turn on the news, we hear so many events going on globally. These events can spark anxiety and are incredibly hard to absorb. What goes on “out there” has something to teach us. I’ve observed that what happens on the macro scale also is reflected in our daily personal experiences. We can feel powerless over the bigger world events and deep issues. What can we do about something that seems so heavy and large? We can, however, change our inner experience because we hold the ability to change our responses to events that we directly experience. Our intentions can help us in these cases. Whether it be harmony, peace, wellness, health, or some combinations of these or something else, our intention fuels our priorities, actions, and perspectives. Simply put, when we commit to creating intention, we start to change our inner experience. Learning and understanding intention setting, and practicing it has yielded massive changes in my life and wellbeing. Because of my love for this work, I have been leading groups over the last two years where members create and actively work with their intentions. Working with a group provides unique guidance and support for one another. Together, we learn how to be present and feel the changes happening within the body down to a sensation level. In the fall, I am very excited to be offering a range of different group experiences, both in-person and online. Here is what I have lined up. I hope that some of you will join me!

Create Your Embodied Intentions at Dragonfly Yoga, Livermore, CA August 27, 2022, 1-5 pm  In this workshop, we will practice ways to listen and feel the sensations and information held from inside your body to discover what you want to create in your life. Build safe connections with yourself and others, and unlock the path to living your life with more intention. Through movement and guided exploration, we will begin the process of listening to your body and your wise inner knowing. We will then spend time bringing this information from within out onto paper and be given a voice, allowing the intentions to be refined, explored and committed to. This multi-dimensional approach puts us on course to discovering what we desire within ourselves, and our relationships. Sign up here.

Embodied Intention group Join this group to set your intentions in motion. Living our lives with intention helps us to discover what each of us desires for ourselves separately from the needs and wants of those around us, including family and friends. Often we know what we don’t want and easily build up resentments about demands from those around us. In this group, we will practice ways to listen and feel the sensations and information held from inside your body to discover what you want to create in your life. Designing an embodied intention empowers you to make the changes you desire. Achieve all of this with a group to support and collaborate with you as you navigate any bumps in the road, adjust your course and celebrate success. As a part of a small group of eight people ready to commit to your own unique intentions, you will come away inspired and excited to continue living your life with embodied intention. The safety and closeness of the group create a foundation to thrive and form positive connections. You will:

  • Enhance your skills of embodiment, visualization, and creative imagination

  • Experience what it is like to receive as well as give support

  • Make steps towards the results you want in your life

  • Be empowered by the collaboration and connections created by the group

Concepts that support the success of your embodied intentions will be shared, and each member will experience receiving the support of the group and work with a partner between group meetings. This will be taught both online and in-person in Livermore, CA. Sign up for the virtual sessions here. Sign up for the in-person sessions here.

My intention with these offerings is to support each of us in finding more health and wellness within ourselves. Whether you are joining me in any of these groups or not, it is my wish that we all discover a deep sense of peace.


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