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Underwater CST: Flowing with dolphins

Updated: May 25, 2021

As many of you know, I was in the Grand Bahamas attending a class where I swam in the ocean with dolphins for four days and received CST from my fellow humans! Being with the dolphins reminds me of how CST can be only as effective as our ability to receive and let change happen. Our bodies are constantly moving around different fluids. As I was with the dolphins, I became aware of how expert they are at moving within a fluid environment. I was intrigued by the precision of their movements. They would come up through the water and gently place their rostrum on my body. One of them gently came into the nape of my neck and pushed my whole body sideways! Up close and personal, I observed them move a tail or fin in small ways so that they could stay in one place or carefully maneuver their bodies next to ours. One of the special treats of the week was feeling the calf move within the pregnant belly of one of the dolphins. Again, an opportunity to appreciate how health is expressed through fluid movement. I left in awe of how deeply connected we are to all living creatures on the planet and how easily I can slip away from this vital connection.

An extra-special part of the week was sharing it with my friends and colleagues. I shared an apartment with my two good friends Staci and Jen. We were able to relax, process our experiences and most importantly, have fun together! Staci and I flew together off the Island and we were delayed on the tarmac in the humid heat for well over an hour. This meant that I was going to miss my flight to get back home and would have to buy a new ticket. I watched Staci ask for help with making her next flight. I was inspired and asked for help too! Low and behold, I was able to board my connecting flight with one second to spare, but without my luggage. Fortunately, I got home on time and without having to buy a new ticket. I was so grateful to the lady from Bahamas Air who made sure I got on my flight. I reached out and touched her arm, looked her directly into her eyes and said a heartfelt “Thank you”. We were both moved by this deep connection.  I remember when Robyn offered to help me with my first book, From my Hands and Heart, and I had the good sense to say “yes”! Fast forward to now and we are about to publish Elements of a Successful Therapeutic Business together. Our publication date is Sept.13, 2019, and we are excited to have the book ready in digital and in physical form for pre-order. If this book is relevant to you. then I ask if you would please support us in pre-ordering our book. It can make a big difference in the success of this book.


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