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What is your soul calling for in 2020?

Updated: May 23, 2021

Hard to believe this is the last blog of 2019! This is the first time in a long while that I have traveled in December. I decided to travel to Virginia for my dear friend and mentor’s workshop from December 13th-15th. As the dates approached, the more I wondered about the wisdom of the decision! There is so much extra going on with the family at this time of year, plus it is dark and cold. In the winter, my instinct is to wrap up and hibernate at home. Yet it still felt like the right decision was to go. I knew that I would be in very good company amongst fellow presenters of Healing From the Core and have the time to do my own work with Suzanne’s facilitation. She is rolling out a brand new program called Soul Embodiment System later in 2020. We all gathered to hear the new material for the first time and I am excited about what this program will offer. I returned feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for the Holidays, and infused with a clear vision for 2020. However, it did mean that a few Holiday tasks slipped by! No cards have been sent this year, though maybe New Year cards will happen!

One of the many gems I came away with from the Soul Embodiment System training was the importance of integrating new ideas or those “ah-ha” moments that we can often get from receiving CST. A great way to integrate decisions or insights is to take a walk. By moving our legs, we help to take our insight or new projects forward. The cross-body movement helps to “digest” the information. For me, I choose to swim, using a kick to move forward and the arm motion creating the cross-body movement. I often recommend that my clients take a walk from my office along the creek after a session that reveals a lot of new information or major decisions. This time of year is my favorite to take some long hikes in Livermore when the air is crisp and the grass has just turned green. It’s the perfect time and place to process the year that is coming to end and prepare for the arrival of the New Year.  I am ending this newsletter with some inspiration for you to take into the next decade. For those of you who have been reading my newsletter over the years or have read my book know that I have been treating an Iraq war veteran, Mariela Meylan, for the last 15 years. Mariela sustained a life-threatening head injury whilst serving a second tour in Iraq when she was 25. She just celebrated her 40th birthday and made this video. And her mom, Lisette, has also made a video. Look out for a younger version of me in the video!! These videos deeply touched my heart. I hope your heart is touched too and that you are inspired by what dedicated love can achieve. Wishing you all a nurturing and nourishing Holiday Season and the best year yet in 2020!


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