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Benefits of Accountability

Accountability fuels us to create the change we want to see in our lives. For example, for a while I had wanted to create a video on the upcoming Embodied Intention Groups I’m offering. The goal was to help people understand what it’s all about. Although the groups have been a joy for me to hold, finding the words to describe it has been a challenge. I let my assistant know that I would be sending her a video numerous times. Yet, I kept failing to meet my self-imposed deadlines. I’m aware that I avoid discomfort and that accountability helps to overcome that block.  Finally, I felt too much embarrassment that I eventually got it done! Proudly and with some trepidation, I share it with you here.

The same principle is true when we make a CranioSacral Therapy appointment; the act of making the appointment and committing to be there is an important step toward making change and improving the health issue. In CST, we work from the premise that each client's inner wisdom takes the lead in the session. For this to happen effectively, there needs to be trust and constructive communication between the therapist and client. This partnership relies upon both the therapist and client being committed to tracking the changes. Whether we sign up for a group or for a CST session, we make a commitment with our hard-earned money. Change has already begun with this important step towards improving our health and well-being. I purposely have created groups that run for six weeks because we generally see meaningful results and bigger changes through consistent engagement with ourselves. Commitment over time causes us to drop the habits that no longer serve us. I have seen this with my clients who book a series of CST appointments. Because of the extended commitment and investment, they are making a significant stand for their own health and well-being. What is something you would like to change in your life? How do you plan to build accountability? Maybe it is sharing the change with a friend, buying yourself a treat once you have done it, or writing it out on a piece of paper so you can cross it out once it’s done. Maybe it will be signing up for the in-person or online Embodied Intention Group? Whatever it is, I wish you grace and ease with your changes. Love from my hands and heart, Kate xx


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