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Can You Just Relax?

"Just Relax!!"

I was told to "just relax!" so many times over the years of trying to get pregnant, it became quite irritating to hear it!!  This phrase is often used through the holiday season, too. It is not something that you can necessarily do on the turn-of-the-dime in many situations. However, working out ways in which we can feel relaxation in our body is very important to our health and well-being.  So, what are some of the ways that you do that?

I noticed the other day I was feeling very tense and tired.  My shoulders felt rock solid and I was being snappy with my family.  I felt like I had a million things to do, and the list seemed extra long because of the holidays.  And, instead of pushing through my list in the evening once my children were in bed, I ran a bath. I put in some Epsom salts along with some of my favorite essentials oils and soaked in peace whilst I was reading my latest favorite novel, "Outlander". It felt very decadent and slightly irresponsible because of my "to do" list but the next morning I felt completely different. I had 'reset' my nervous system and felt relaxed!!  What I noticed was how much more I was able to accomplish the next day, too.

I also know that my Ground and Fill practice taught by Suzanne Scurlock Durana helped press my reset button. I teach the concept of grounding to many of my clients, including children who love it.

Recently I saw Siraj, a 10-year old who I have seen over the last few years on and off.  Six months ago his seizure activity had increased significantly and he was getting debilitating headaches. At the end of his CranioSacral session, I taught him how to ground and feel roots of awareness down into the earth. He is an avid baseball player so he pictured himself on the mound of his favorite baseball field.

Over the next few sessions, we continued to inquire how his grounding was working for him in addition to his CST treatments.  After three sessions, he was no longer having visible seizures at school or home and he had no more headaches.  A key piece to Siraj's improvement has been teaching him how to "relax", or regulate his flight-flight-freeze response.

I asked Siraj and his Mom, April, to describe in their own words what they noticed:

"Visiting Ms. Kate is always exciting to me. I really enjoy going to her because I feel I can tell her anything and she teaches you lifetime tips that really works.  She is someone you can rely on always. She taught me how to ground and the grounding really helps me when I am mad. Sometimes my mom tells me to do your grounding to calm down again and it works!  Also when I think I can't finish something or do something, I do my grounding and it makes me think  "you know what I can do this!"  I always think about telling my friends to go to Ms. Kate when they are upset or are not behaving well.  I feel so much better and relaxed when I go to my sessions.  I would recommend it to everyone.  It even helps me to ground when I go up to bat while playing baseball!" -- Siraj, age 10

"This therapy has helped Siraj with headaches, reduction in seizure activity, mental clarity and focus and more. The transformation that has happened before my eyes is astounding.  It is so powerful and he is so receptive to it that he literally falls asleep with just the 'gentle power of touch'." -- April, Siraj's mom

Wishing you a very happy and relaxed holiday season!!

From My Hands and Heart, Kate xx


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