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Off to the Races!

Updated: May 24, 2021

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope 2019 is off to a good start.

I enjoyed a spontaneous trip to the mountains with my family and spent New Year’s Eve cross-country skiing, thoroughly enjoying the peace and quiet of the mountains. It did mean that we were all so tired that we celebrated the New York New Year bell at 9 PM for us!!

It feels like I ran out of the gate at a fast pace for 2019! Lots of projects and ideas that have been percolating for a while are suddenly maturing and coming to fruition.

Kate Mackinnon

One that I am super excited about is the creation of a website called Touch Matters that I co-created with my good friend Robyn Scherr. On reflection I can see that this website has been in the works for many years. Here is what we wrote as part of our introduction:

“Our mission at Touch Matters is to support our colleagues in their bodywork practices, and to provide ways for touch to deepen connection in our communities. Skilled therapeutic touch promotes healing in itself and enhances every other medical and therapeutic treatment. Healthy compassionate touch belongs in our families, schools, and healthcare systems to help us enjoy lives filled with connection, health, and love.”

Our passion for supporting our colleagues as one of the pathways to get skilled therapeutic touch out in the world more has led us to write a book called“Elements of Successful Therapeutic Business”. We are planning on publishing the book this Spring. If you are interested in finding out more about Touch Matters and /or our book please sign up for our monthly newsletter here.

My ability to juggle these fun creative projects along with my CST business and family life is because of the skills I have learned from Healing From the Core curriculum. I am delighted to be teaching a 2-day with Meghan McGrath called “Skills to Energize Your Life”.

Here are some of the benefits of taking the class:

  • Learn how holding a strong, grounded presence can positively influence your life, prevent burnout and help you enjoy your personal and work life more.

  • Discover how to assess your energy reservoir throughout the day to combat exhaustion.

  • Find out how to establish and maintain healthy boundaries at work and at home.

  • Improve concentration levels and replenish yourself by practicing simple movements to rejuvenate your nervous system.

For those of you how have already taken any Healing From the Core classes Meghan will be holding an online study group that I will be assisting. We would love to see you online and support you in deepening the skills you have learnt from class. You can find out more

That is plenty to share about for now! And I do walk my talk when it comes to my own self care – I just booked myself into a class where I will have the healing support of the dolphins again this summer in the Bahamas!

Love from my hands and heart,

Kate xx


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