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The power of a loving presence

At the beginning of February, I co-hosted and assisted Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications II in my hometown of Livermore. It was a wonderful class in so many different ways. Many good friends were in the class where we all got to be together for 5 days, I got a chance to fill my tank and we all had fun! Thank you to Lori Chintz for traveling to Livermore again to teach this class.

Kate Mackinnon & Lori Chinitz
Kate Mackinnon & Lori Chinitz

This month I have had a number of clients who have shown me how fragile our life on earth is. It has given me much food for thought. These experiences with my clients have helped me to make sure I prioritize my time, asking myself “is this really that important right now?” It has also had me reflecting on what is my role as a CranioSacral Therapist. Is it to cure, heal, fix, empower, facilitate, or support people? I have been challenged to get clear about what my role is when working with somebody who is very sick. This is the reason why one of my favorite questions to ask my clients is “What result do you want from receiving CST?” When I ask this question I can more clearly know what my role is in any given session. Maybe somebody wants to be pain free, or receive support as they go through medical procedures or it could be to help a client in the dying process.

These recent experiences have me thinking more about end of life and what my thoughts are around this topic. It is not something I have given a great deal of thought about for myself. I do remember hearing about Death Café’s on our local public radio and thought it was an intriguing topic. And then as I sat down to write this newsletter I can came across an article on How to Prepare for Death in the San Francisco Chronicle. I find myself mulling over these ideas especially when it comes to working with my clients who are looking at the end of their life or in supporting a client who has lost a loved one. For sure this topic is not talked about as readily as developing a birth plan for a baby!

I was grateful for all the work I have done on staying grounded and present when I went to visit my friend who had been given a shocking diagnosis. We sat holding hands as we talked, letting tears come when they needed to and at the same time I was able to hold a steady presence.

Last week I spoke to a High School class about how to be more grounded and present for our friends, and each other. Giving the students ways to navigate through the stresses of High School life. The teacher was very inspired too! I can’t wait to teach the weekend workshop in May Skills to Energize Your Life and help us all gain skills that help us handle the good, the bad and the ugly parts of life!

Love from my hands and heart,

Kate xx


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