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Changing rhythms

Updated: May 24, 2021

Summer is officially here in the Northern hemisphere and my children’s summer break is well underway. This brings a whole new rhythm to the house and my work. I am sure that many of you can relate to working and juggling the long summer break for the children. Last summer I felt like my pace of life did not change. Rather, it felt more hectic. So this year I sat down and tried to plan a schedule that would allow for a little more slowing down. I think I did a better job and know it could do with some refining as well!

Hopefully many of you know that our book Elements of a Successful Therapeutic Business is nearing completion. We sent in our final little edits and formatting edits with the book ready to go print by the end of the month. Writing this book with my friend, Robyn Scherr, has been a very fun and fulfilling project. Just like any project, there are a lot of pain stacking details to care off as well. In our book, one of the topics we talk about is how to set a schedule that works with your life to minimize fatigue and maximize our results. I have noticed over the years that my schedule is constantly being refined, reflecting how much change that is also taking place. The exciting news is that we have the book cover designed and ready for you to see here! Seeing the book cover is making it a lot more real. I am getting ready to leave for my trip to Bahamas in a workshop for 4 days where will be in the water with the dolphins for each day. Receiving CST in the water allows so much more freedom of movement to release held tension patterns in the body. For example the body can turn a full 360 degrees to help to release stuck patterns in the water. The body will find a way to release big tension patterns on land too. The other day I had a client who was receiving CST for the first time and had previously injured his shoulder through a large twisting motion as he made a turn in a swim meet years ago. My hands were above and below the shoulder girdle as the whole of his upper quadrant moved into that twisting motion. This client was quite incredulous feeling this sense of change! I am looking forward to seeing him again to see how the shoulder is feeling now. I encourage you to experiment with movement on land to see how your body wants to move, coming from a place within your body instead of an idea of how you should move. And if you are like me try it in water!


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