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Changing the Rhythm

With summer, there is a change of pace and rhythm in my family during this season.  My children are having fun with their local swim team, putting on a production of Annie at a summer camp as well as trying out some new activities such as fencing. 

I had a surprise visit from a fellow Brit, Helena, who had read my book.  Coincidentally her aunt knows my mom!  When Helena and her family vacationed in California, they stopped by my home to say hello. Helena is a long-time nurse and had been considering a career change. A close friend of hers, who happened to be a craniosacral therapist, thought Helena would also enjoy the same career choice.  Helena's friend had a copy of my book and lent it to her.  After Helena read it, she spoke with her aunt and shared that she was thinking about making a career change . . . and training as a CST!  Her aunt said that her friend's daughter (aka me!) had written a book on CST. Helena took that serendipitous moment as confirmation that she should begin her craniosacral training and signed up for classes! I was delighted to meet Helena and hear about the synchronicity inspiring her new career as a CST.  

The next day after meeting Helena, two craniosacral therapist friends of mine stayed with me for a few days in between their roles as assistants in some California classes being taught near my home. It was fun doing some multi-hands treatments on clients, learning from them about treating horses and having time to work on each other.

My daughter has been riding horses regularly.  She sometimes rides an older, very gentle horse who, on one occasion, had a sore on one of her legs.  I was able to address it with some craniosacral therapy.  When she was being brushed and prepared for the night, I used a technique called direction of energy on her leg sore.  As I felt the tissue under my hands soften, Sam, the horse instructor, noticed and shared that she saw the horse's face subsequently respond. I just did a few minutes of work and then stood up. Next, the horse turned her nose gently into my chest to say thank you.

I learnt a lot more when I supported my friends, Tim Davis and Meghan McGrath, who were treating horses this same week. When they were treating other horses at the stable, it was fascinating to see how the horses responded to the treatment. I was standing next to one of the horses whilst he was being treated and he kept turning his head gently into me as if he was looking for a little reassurance. When we were all done, I felt great.  My body was so relaxed I felt like I had my own treatment, too!

I always enjoy the opportunity to offer multi-hands sessions to my clients when I have colleagues in town.  We took a photograph at the end of a multi-hands when working with one of our clients, Nancy, who enjoys regular multi-hand sessions with Robyn and myself.

Hope you are enjoying your change of rhythm through these summer months. 

From My Hands and Heart, Kate xx


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