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Community and Collaboration

Updated: May 25, 2021

I'm having fun with the themes of community and collaboration as they are leading the way.

With the launch of the Soul Connection Healing Center, my good friend Lauren Doko and I have brought together our talented friends in our local community in the field of alternative healthcare under one "virtual roof." One of our primary intentions is to create support for one another by meeting once a month to share and help each other with our challenges plus celebrate the successes of our work, both individually and collaboratively. We have created a website to help clients find us easily online.  If you would like to keep up to date with us, you can sign up for our monthly newsletter here.

Lauren and I are also co-creating a brand new online class called Empowered Parenting: Practical Tools for Parents & School-Aged Children. Both of us have been educating ourselves about relevant parenting issues since our children were babies! We felt there was less information available as our children grew older so we decided to interview people we knew in our circles about topics such as social emotional learning, health, and the very important how to stay grounded amongst our busy lives and more!

I have the privilege to be co-teaching a workshop at the famous Omega Institute with my two friends Scarlett Lewis and Dana Liesegang in a workshop called Choose Love Over Fear: Practical Strategies to Help You Heal. Both Dana and Scarlett have their own compelling stories of how they have faced their challenges, which for many of us are our worst fears. I will be talking about how touch is so important in our lives and especially how an educated touch can be a transformative part of our healing. I wrote about how the touch of a body worker and the understanding of compassion are so important, which was recently published in Massage Magazine.

Compassionate touch for children is a topic very dear to my heart.  I am working with Scarlett to create an extension program to go alongside her Social-Emotional learning program in schools. I would love to hear from any of you who have a story or viewpoint to share about touch in schools. Contact me here.

Another successful and fun collaboration has been with Robyn Scherr where we created the online class Elements of a Successful CST Business. We have really enjoyed getting to know our Craniosacral colleagues from all over the world through these classes. There have been wonderful connections made on the discussion board of these classes where we have all been able to encourage each other with ideas and give each other acknowledgment for our achievements.

Are you working on any community and collaborative efforts? I'd love to know.  Share in the comments and let me know what you're up to. Drop me a line here

Wishing you a collaborative, happy 2017!

From My Hands and Heart, Kate xx


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