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Inspiration from the Ocean

Being in the ocean offers an analogy to the practice of CranioSacral Therapy.  Whether we are receiving or giving CST, we're following the process by tracking the movement of the tissue, energy or both.  Ideally, there is a feeling of fluidity to the movement.  When there is little or no movement, we know that support to the area would be helpful.  It's the same way oceans stay healthy by movement created by moon cycles, or with winds that can stir up great storms.  I'm sure we can all think of times when a big storm has passed through our bodies!   The body's resilience to these storms always amazes me.  And, it is worth remembering how to access the deep place within us that allows us to stay steady and not get caught up in the storm. In the ocean, there can be lots of commotion going on the surface.  But if you dive down deep, there is stillness there.  By accessing this place within us, it can give us the courage and confidence to stay with the process on the table even when it can be very uncomfortable.

An at-home mindfulness practice of some kind can greatly enhance the results you get from a CST session.  Perhaps you already have a regular meditation, yoga or tai chi practice. The greater awareness we have about sensation in our bodies at any given moment, the greater our ability to track the changes taking place during a CST session.  I find through my own mindfulness practice, I'm a much better practitioner.

Yoga, regular exercise (swimming!), meditation and grounding exercises are practices I find helpful.  Over the years I have found that listening to Suzanne Scurlock Durana's CD series Healing from the Core has helped me immensely.

If you're looking to further enhance your CST session, you're in luck! As a gift to those who sign-up for my newsletter, I offer 8 Tips to Enhance Your CranioSacral Therapy Experience. 

Wishing you a wonderful summer and lots of fun.

From My Hands and Heart, Kate xx 


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