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Support you can lean on

Updated: May 23, 2021

Here in California we are still sheltering in place but starting to look at how we can safely open back up. Each one of us around the world has been impacted one way or another by the pandemic. Of course, life at home has its perks. Yet there are challenges to the isolation and from being cut off from some of our usual rituals to help us stay grounded and connected. Not to mention the constant fear-inducing news of COVID-19’s worldwide effects. 

Support is crucial at all times, even without a pandemic or any unusual life events. The challenge we are currently faced with is that we cannot access many of our regular ways of supporting ourselves at a time we need it most! Over the last 6 weeks, I’ve developed some go-to habits for support and I want to share some with you.

First, I make sure to walk. My husband and I get up early and we take our walk whilst it is quiet and our teenagers are still fast asleep!. Being outside has been vital to my health and wellbeing; my garden has never looked so good! Though I miss my swimming in so many ways, my three lane buddies and I have connected on Zoom calls to keep up our bond with each other. Early mornings at the pool have to wait for now.

Since I’m a huge advocate for healthy compassionate touch, I encourage everyone to try self-massage. Taking time after your shower or bath to rub in lotion to your skin can be very nourishing. I have been enjoying sitting down in the evening and giving our cat, Oscar, chin rubs as he lies next to me. Massaging your feet before going to bed can help your nervous system relax as well as making your feet happy. 

Another way to get support during this shelter-in-place period is by getting professional guidance virtually. I’m available for long-distance healing facilitation. With my training from the Healing from the Core curriculum, I can help you drop into your body, and use guided exploration to help you become aware of sensations and patterns. This kind of remote work provides relief and can ease tension and isolation.

Sometimes all we need is a little human connection. You can see my Instagram post on ways to connect with others despite the physical separation. And if you’re not already following me on social media, please do! Social media has been a lifeline for many during this time, keeping us in contact with friends, relatives, and community in trying times.

Starting on May 11, I will be staffing a 6-day online class called the 5 Pillars of Long Distance Healing. Last week Suzanne and Lori completed teaching this class for the first time and I had a great time staffing this class. It was very well attended and was hugely helpful in supporting hands-on therapists in taking their skills to a long-distance setting.  

What have become your new lifelines during this time? I’d love to hear what kind of support you’ve found!


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