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Welcome to my first Blog Post!

Welcome to my blog post!  It is with great excitement I take my first step in the world of blogging. I will be writing primarily about all things relevant to Craniosacral Therapy (CST), which leaves us with a wide scope of topics!

Knowing how to best take care of our body, mind and spirit can feel like a full time job at times. I’ll share ideas on how to get the most out your CST sessions, how to find a practitioner that is right for you, some inspirational case studies and relevant research.  I’ll also invite guest bloggers to share their expertise from time to time.

It is my wish to create a forum in partnership with you – my readers — to share ideas and experiences related to Craniosacral Therapy that are informative to those of you who are clients, and also to the those of you who are practitioners in the field for Craniosacral Therapy. We can learn from each other by sharing our Craniosacral Therapy experiences, which includes how we process our CST sessions with a range of emotions such as grief and sorrow, or happiness, and how we often feel both sadness and joy in a single session.

This blog site is created at a significant time in my CST practice. I opened my CST practice exactly 10 years ago in March 2004. I can remember just how nervous and excited I felt the

day my table and other belongings were moved into my new office space. Although I opened my new practice and had my own office space, I split my time working as a Physical Therapist with California Children’s Services.  This arrangement made a comfortable bridge before taking next steps in my career.

Fast forward to today…I have a full and thriving CST practice and eight year old twins! Events have happened that I couldn’t possibly have dreamed about. Who would have thought by simply following my Craniosacral Therapy passion, I would be flown out to work on Dr. Wayne Dyer in Maui?  As a result of this experience, I also had the opportunity to provide a CST session for Reid Tracy, the President and CEO of Hayhouse.  After his session, he subsequently asked me to write a book about CST.

I now have a book I am very proud of called From my Hands and Heart: Achieving Health and Balance with Craniosacral Therapy published by Hayhouse last year and includes a foreword written by Dr Wayne Dyer.  Every time I read the foreword, I always wonder who he is talking about!

My day to day office work is something I continue to love.  It has also been a joy taking on the challenge of learning how to promote a book.  This endeavor entails a whole range of new experiences which includes speaking and presenting to large and small audiences, teaching workshops, being interviewed and learning all sorts of things about social media. Additionally, I am also figuring out how to balance these new experiences with family life, which could be a whole other blog post!

It feels like a perfect way to mark the 10th anniversary of my Craniosacral Therapy practice by celebrating my passionate journey with a new blog!  I am grateful to have you as part of my community, and look forward to learning from each other in a fun and supportive way.

With the first blog post complete, it’s time to write the next one!  What kind of topics would you like to see posted on From My Hands and Heart blog site?

Kate, xx


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