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Winter Reflections

The year is coming to an end and the colder, shorter days are supporting me in reflecting on my experiences of 2022. I appreciate how I have grown in my skill of holding as little judgment as possible. This winter, there are high numbers of people getting sick with many different types of viruses. There have been many opportunities to have respectful discussions with my clients and friends. When I had a cold or known direct exposure to COVID, I shared the information and offered options to my clients. What I observed was a whole range of different responses depending on how my clients were feeling at the time and their particular circumstances. For example, some clients who are self-employed preferred to reschedule because getting sick would have a direct impact on their income. Other clients felt comfortable keeping their appointments by including specific precautions. Everyone varied in their response, a perfect example of how we all have unique needs and comforts.

Similarly, when I am facilitating dialogue in craniosacral sessions, I reflect on the current situation as it presents itself. This empowers the client to find his or her own response or solution. I am constantly surprised at how unique and ingenious each person is in solving a problem.

I use this same approach in facilitating the Embodied Intention Groups and support each participant in practicing this skill with each other. By meeting weekly over six weeks, we get to see how each person is uniquely working with their intention. The partner work helps to keep the intention energized and in motion, and provides supportive accountability. We are all motivated to share progress and action with one another! There is still space left in the group that begins on January 6 virtually via Zoom. The group meets at 9 am PST and runs for six weeks. To get you started with 2023 intentions, you can read the article I wrote for Massage Magazine last year.

And before I sign off for the year, I want to share that my husband got to see a 50 + year vision and intention come to fruition! He is a physicist who has been part of a research team exploring the possibility of creating fusion, resulting in more energy being produced than went in. This phenomenon takes place in the stars. He was interviewed by the BBC, and you can hear the excitement in his voice when they realized they had succeeded in measuring fusion. More detailed information is shown in this video, conveying the collaborative team effort that went into seeing this intention come into a reality.

Wishing you all an amazing 2023 where you harness the energy of the stars to support you with your intentions!


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